Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Today was my dog's birthday. We celebrated by have guests over and sharing a feast of turkey, and gravy, and mashed potatoes, and.... oh wait, maybe all that food was for something else.... Like Thanksgiving. Though it actually was her birthday.
We cooked all morning and a little into the afternoon, until the guests arrived. Then we ate and relaxed and ate. As someone once said, " Thanksgiving is when you eat a whole bunch, complain about how full you are, then go back for more. And then you just continually repeat the cycle!"
While we relaxed, I worked on my Tank top for a little while. I'm still on the ribbing; I have to do 12 rows of 144 stitches worth of ribbing. I've messed up the simple pattern (k2 p2) quite a bit from not paying attention. Now it only looks like ribbing in some places. I've decided that I am not going to frog it all. If anyone asks, I'll just tell them that I made it (and laugh along with their 'Oh, I can tell!').
In case you didn't know, I crochet, and so does my mother. The other day she was working on a scarf pattern that was just brimming with 'half double crochets'. My mother was all frustrated, trying to find a video on how to do it. "Wouldn't half of a double crochet just be one crochet?!" she implored me. It took me a while to figure that out (I was on slow mode that day).
Well, she found a video on it and is work diligently on her scarf, maneuvering what we found to be a very fancy stitch. It's pretty.

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