Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Knit Tank

Today was thanksgiving eve! And you all know what that means, right? MAJOR CLEANING!!!!!! Yaaay... I had just found that pattern I was looking for. Oh well. I'll probably have time for it later. Probably. At least this time I got to choose where my scrubbing duties would take place. I chose to organize and clean the kitchen, get all the dust and nastiness of the stairs ( yes, I live in a 2-story house), and to shine all the floors. It actually wasn't all that bad. Everything was satisfying in its own way.
Kitchen: watching our cluttered kitchen go from, well, cluttered, to sparkling and organized
Stairs: Pushing all the dust down the flight of stairs with a Swiffer and a big, strong swoosh was satisfying..somehow
Floor Shining: Watching our dusty floors get super shiny right before my eyes! (infomercial! infomercial!)
And then.....We were done. Completely. We all got a nice, big break. Ahhhhh.
So I began ....{insert announcer voice here}...the long awaited......TANK ...... TOP!!!
I haven't gotten very far though. More later.
Claire Louise
P.S. 144 stitches worth of ribbing. 144!

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