Saturday, November 28, 2009

weather changes the cat

The temperature has just started to drop below 60 Fahrenheit at night here, down in the subtropics, and my cat, who's mindset is 'I'm-going-to-hide-in-the-bushes-and-wait-till-you-walk-by' , is starting to get friendly. Something is terribly wrong. 

Not really. Some cats want to suck your blud, but this one wants to suck your warmth. Normally, she won't let us touch her, but now that her coat isn't sufficient enough to keep her warm, she had to revert to the humans. Lucy now cuddles in bed with us at night. Two-times-yesterday I woke up to find her stretched out over more than her fair share of the my bed, with her head under my chin, and her toes by my waist, purring like crazy. Not that I mind. Much.

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