Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ooo! It's new!!

I changed the entire look of the blog! I changed the template, the header, and even some fish grace the sidebar of my site now! Feel free to feed them; just click around in their tank to drop little fish flakes.

 So, anyone staying up till midnight tonight? I know I am.. Not quite sure what I'll do though. I don't have any signal to my TV, so no watching the ball drop. I might invite a friend or two over though, except I'm having quests over tomorrow night. I'm having a bonfire in my firepit out in the back yard.

Main yarn drama this week:
Momma crocheted me an adorable beret! It's make out of this cute light pink yarn. I'm gonna wear it everywhere! She even put a little loopy thing in the top center, like there is on the ones at the store. I'll have to sneak into Micheal's Craft and put it on a hat model (why buy one when you're only going to use it for pictures??) so you can see it. Hehe.


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