Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Title-tanktop-new line-PICTURES! (whew)

There are a lot of things I'm going over, so bear with me and try not to go into shock due to the copious amounts of paragraphs.

Title: So, recently I was informed by my brother, who is tech-help and wonderful to me, that I should start calling the blog In Yarnia, and not just Yarnia, so as not to confuse readers with yarn stores in Massachusetts, etc. Thank you Bro! From now on, this is In Yarnia!

TankTop: My current WIP, the tanktop, is moving along nicely. I finished the 5 inches of knit stitch, and am beginning the waist decreases. I have made one mistake, though. And it isn't my ribbing. I don't consider my ribbing a mistake. It's punk. Right.
But now I can't quite translate this new part in the pattern:
' Now knit for 5 rows even.'
I'm not real clear on if they mean knit as in knitting in general, or the knit stitch. I am leaning towards knit stitch.

New Line: I'm am going to start a new line of crocheted/knitted items. To do that I'd probably have to start an Etsy account, something I've been meaning to do. Hmmm. Any ideas for the name of my new shop?
Anyway, my products will include things like crocheted curly fries, and stuff like that. Please don't copy!
I'll have to post a picture sometime. Which brings me to my next topic.

Pictures: I'll try to post some pictures of my yarn, and tanktop, and curly fries, and all that stuff sometime, but I lost my camera! Commence operation search-and-rescue!

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