Sunday, December 27, 2009

umm....Tank Top?

My extended family came over today, and while we talked, I worked and worked on my WIP. I was having my doubts about it being a tank top. It was looking much too big for me.In the end I decided that it would be a skirt, as a friend suggested. So I casted off, nipped the waist in a little here, and made a dart there, and WA-LA!! A wonderful skirt to be worn with leggings, a cowgirl belt, and cowgirl boots!
I also whipped up some 2 hour fingerless gloves. Contrary to what most people think, they actually keep your hands toasty warm!
Yet another thing I finished yesterday was my crocheted french fries. I showed them to my family, who all thought that they were cute. They'd probably sell on etsy...
Whew! What a productive, satisfying day!


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