Sunday, August 8, 2010

Canadia, oui?

I'm go to Quebec! It's in Canada, but they speak french! So excited =). Maybe they'll have some kicking yarn stores. And I have got to remember my camera this time.

Yarn Drama: I crocheted a cupcake, a bear, and knitted a cat, which I'm still working on. I got the patterns for the bear and cupcake from Amigurumi World, and the cat pattern from this blog. I'm also working on a whale from Bittersweet Blog, and absolute favorite of mine.

Blog updates: I finally figured out how to post pictures on this blog (yay!), so once I can take some acceptable pictures, I'll post some.
Also, I'm testing different looks for this blog, so don't be surprised. I wouldn't mind any feed back either.


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