Sunday, July 31, 2011

My little People family

Hey everybody!

These past few months I've been crocheting little people from this pattern. I started by following the pattern exactly, down to the colors.

This is Magdalena. She is the first of her kind to join my household. She has many jobs that she's all very good at. Sometimes she's a flight attendant, other times a secretary, and other times a nurse. Magdalena is a free spirit, and can tend to be a bit scatterbrained and giggly.

These are two different views of her crazy hair. Whoo!

The second doll I made is a ballerina. Her hair was particularly difficult.

This is Diana, the professional ballerina. She loves tutus (she's wearing one now) and dancing. Diana is mature, and the 'adult' of the group, even though they're all grown up.

These are two different views of her bun. Please take a few moments to admire it. Now.
Thank you. I put a lot of work into that.

The second to last little person is the ninja. He was quite easy to make.

Here you can see the little people's sizes compared to a quarter. 
Anyways, this is Ninja. He works as a ninja. 

And last but not least, is the soldier. 

His name is Trent. He is very serious, the silent type. The others tease him for it, but he is proud of his job as the protector of the group.

And here are all of them together.

I've thought of other variations of the original pattern that I hope to put into action soon. They'll be in The Notebook.

Until later,

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