Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tutorial: How to block!

Hello everyone! Today I'm posting my first tutorial!

Blocking is a way to keep a stockinette stitched swatch from rolling up.

The knitted piece you are blocking. I made this swatch from Red Heart, Monet.
An ironing board or a piece of foam
An old towel
A spray bottle full of water

Drape the towel over the foam. If you're using an ironing board, you can skip these next few steps.

Tuck the edges of the towel under the foam.

When you're finished, it should look like this.

Behold, the burrito.

Stretch the swatch horizontally,

and vertically.

Arrange the swatch in the middle of your foam. 

Starting in the corner, begin pinning down a side of the swatch into the foam in the shape you want.

One side down, three to go.

The whole thing pinned down. Good job! Be sure to keep the little 'Vs' all straight.

Using the water bottle, you're going to spray the swatch, until it looks dewey. Then spray the edges again until their really wet. The thicker your yarn is, the more water you need to use.

Dewey. Right there.

And now you wait. And wait. And wait, until it's dry. Then pull up the pins, put them back in your pin cushion, and see if your swatch rolls up or not. If it doesn't, YOU WIN!!!!! WHOOOO!
However, if it does roll up, you need to pin it down again, and spray it with more water than you used before.

So there you have it! A simple picture guide to blocking. Tada!

Until next time, 

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