Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tutorial:: Knitting Needle Holder

I like to have my knitting needles on display where I can easily get to them. For the past few years I've had them in a Pringles container that I covered with wrapping paper in my favorite color, aquamarine. But yesterday, I redid it to match my hygiene boxes, magazine-collage style. I used magazines, but you could easily use fabric, or pretty papers. I just love reading and words, so that's what I wanted.
Here's how it went down:

 1. Gather your materials: You will need Mod Podge, a Pringles can, a foam brush, and a magazine.
What is Mod Podge, you ask? Mod Podge is flawless. A crafting resource granted to us by the gods. Also, your Pringles can, I'm sorry to say, will have to be empty (and rinsed out). Try and find something to do with the useless chips that come inside it. Ugh.
2. Paint the Mod Podge on the can with the foam brush, then rips off strips of magazine and smooth them onto the can where the Mod Podge is.
3. Continue to do this until the entire can is covered. Once it is dry, pop all your needles in to it aaaaannndddd..... You're finished! Good job!

Agent Claire

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