Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guest Post: Yarn Organization

Howdy everyone! The name is Ann, author of Signed Ann Estelle, here to bring you a guest post! I’m super honored to be writing for In-Yarnia, and have decided to help you all conquer a large problem for all yarn workers – yarn storage.
I have found that the longer you knit, the more yarn just starts showing up. While I was writing this post, I found three skeins of yarn I didn’t even know I had. Yarn is just something that accumulates over the years, and finding cool and thrifty ways to store it is hard work. So I’m here to give out a few suggestions that I use myself! Here we go!

One of the hardest things about knitting outside of the home is transportation of the yarn. Usually the project is too large to fit inside of a purse or any other bag, or makes it to where you can’t fit anything else in the purse. A trip to a local vintage knick-knacks store helped me out on this one. Whenever I’m toting my knitting anywhere, I use a little overnight bag that I picked up in a suitcase set for only twelve dollars. So next time you’re out, look around inside some thrift stores! You never know what you might find.

ann estelle

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